Something To Know About Binocular To Go Hunting

You are a hunter and you usually go into the forest and go hunting with your friend or your family to discover the mystery of animal and forest. But to catch a prey in the forest isn’t easy. It demand you to have a good equipment to see and observe the circle of animals to catch them. One of the most important equipment is binocular.

A binocular is an instrument that help you observe the purpose clearly and accurately. So to be a hunter, you should find the best rifle scope, seeing right purpose and then you can use refile to boot, making sure that you can catch the prey easily.

And in this article, I will show you a kind of binocular that help you see the scope to catch prey accurately.

The advantage of binoculars to go hunting

With this binocular, you can zoom out the points you are seeing and then see it clearly. It is a way to catch some animals without being difficult. If you own a binocular, you can see something far from you without coming near it and see it accurately.

The forming of binocular

Basically, the forming of binocular isn’t the same as telescope. It include in:

– Objectives (object lens): is the glass pointing toward the need to observe, often have the largest diameter.

– Lighting up inside the tube body group objects used to reverse the normal state. Because no telescopic lens should create images are inverted.

– Eyepieces (eyepiece): is the glass near the eye to look anything.

The quality of binocular

Quality of binoculars depends on both the quality optics and mechanics. Optical quality is the quality of the lens, a prism, the grinding and polishing, anti-glare coating quality. There’s a mechanical quality and technical precision lenses inserted into the body, adjust the lens distance and accuracy stability when sliding the lens (zoom type binoculars).

The famous brand about binocular

Must say first feeling when holding binoculars Bushnell H2O waterproof 10 × 42 this is pretty amazing and definitely. With wavy lines artistic medium like water waves just makes impressive, holding binoculars more comfortable with the company logo and name on the type of binoculars mounted crisp and delicate.

Spare parts include strap comes and bags made of cloth though quite sure. Can protect from rain binoculars inside small, drizzle or convenient to carry, bushwalk, go picnic or hunting.

A special feature I like about this line of binoculars is the focus knob to and silky. Translational mechanism quieter but not too sensitive to avoid “Out Focus”. Create comfort for the user wanted to manipulate simple but neat and quick. Even better if I had screwed all the way down the binoculars remain size, no longer or shorter as a few lines I ever used binoculars over.

Moreover, the eye can put short-term revenues to help viewers find the location of the most comfortable eye. Right lens have to adjust what you are refractive errors of the eye.

The entire body of binoculars are put on a layer of soft rubber has increased slightly shocked reduces adhesion, effective protection of binoculars. Two pairs of rubber cover protects the lens cover is very tight, and I was like that with it.

Test in two different light environments

Environment strongest light that is at noon (seriously not used to observe the Sun). In this environment will be the most powerful light, the image will be clear, and I can test errors such conventional optical aberration, chromatic aberration-most on the edge.

Results showed that there was no error. Photos not bend at the edge. Note that I have observed with 1-point try with Bushnell Legacy and have little more than 3 times, all to realize the difference in quality.

In low light environment in the evening, I will try to observe stars, moonlight; neon-color LED enough to find out whether the colors have been altered when viewed through binoculars.

The color remains the same as seen by the naked eye. Not too flashy and detailed view is the light bulb.

The last thing I want to say. Skip image quality and instead prism system more modern, lightweight materials make BAK-4 prisms, fully coated, anti-fog rising and holding firm, well water.

Wish you even pick up a satisfactory binoculars


Go Hunting To Have More Experiences

Actually where to set traps, many not only encapsulated in a few locations. Trust your judgment, not only by the book. Even if not, you can create a reasonable place to set traps. For example, you see a trail that many animals, or walk through it, however haphazard trapping everywhere it’s not a good way.

Besides traps, now some different tool help hunting easily. RWS Air Rifles is a tool that need for hunting effectively.

Besides, we did not have time to do many such traps, so many traps set for that area also lose the natural look, will make the suspect animals. However, if we take advantage of (or deliberately created) horizontal pour sugar 1 stick for example, 1 trap set right, 1 left the trap set.

So surely the beast that wants to go through it, it will get into one of two traps. This is just one of many ways trapping simple and effective, it is important that you know the terrain advantage. And above all, the right to look natural trap and not leave your mark that the animals can recognize.

In addition, to increase the chance that the animals in my snare may use decoys. But how to use each type of bait properly is an art. For example, we are targeting a deer, no one to bring fish as bait, like a few small predators such as lynx cats will not heed one apple … Maybe this is who also known.

However, the broader consideration not only can talk. For example, you use 1 corn to trap that grows around the immense corn, does it worth it? But first some food too “weird” for the animals as well as suspect. The tip here is can use several different kinds of food as bait, go shred the bait out, spread out around the base of the trap and for the largest share in the trap. The beast from eating bait will be excited to try the taste makes it coveted and more attracted to traps.

Case took the bait but not sticky trap, maybe a smaller mammals or larger have eaten it. Identifying objects and make a more suitable trap, the type of bait used just been eating there.

In short a lengthy paragraph above remains in question: Identify the object to know where traps, traps and bait used appropriately.

The type of trap

There are many kind of traps. And it use for different prey.

With a trap, large and complex as they are, just based on the following principles: to meet their prey, hung upside down prey up, pierce prey, tied prey (prey trap confining tunnel collapse bottom hole is also considered a type of trap retention), and suffocated. Traps can combine air refile and then you will catch more preys if you have enough experiences to go hunting.

It will affect how it will do it enabled you catch many times. But this method isn’t effective in all circumstance.


Trapping is a traditional ways for hunter when they go hunting. In the past, this way is effective and it help hunter take many preys. They put a small food in the trap and wait prey find out and eat. And then they catch them. but now with the line of development of technology, they use air refile to catch prey.

Using the grid

If you create a grid (see end of article) then design grid at the following locations to catch birds. The bottom grid should to coincide falling slightly to wildly flapping bird will increasingly become entangled more.

This grid use when you want to catch bird or some animal that can fly. Or you also can use air refile to catch this animals. It is easy when you just need to look it into a small space. So keep patient and then you will catch them.

Besides trap and grid, nowadays when go hunting, many hunter use air refile to catch animal. Wildlife animal is intelligent animal. So if you aren’t patient, you can’t catch them.

Go to forest and there are many animal which is rare and their’ meat is so delicious. Let try and you will have see that is true.